The Department was founded in 1948 as the Department of Political Economy.
In 1996, the Department was merged with the Department of Economics and Production Management and was called Department of Economics and Management.
In 2003, the Department was renamed Department of Economic Cybernetics.
Since 2011, in connection with the accreditation of the new specialty 8.000015 (now 073) – managing the financial and economic security, the Department has received a new name – Economic Cybernetics and management of financial and economic security.

The staff department is 33 people, including 4 Academicians of branch academies, 4 Doctors of sciences, 18 Candidates of Sc.

Science and international cooperation

Scientific directions of the Department:

  • Methods of mathematical modeling and information technology in the economy;
  • Theoretical and practical approaches to the formation of market mechanisms of the market place in modern conditions;
  • Theory and practice of pricing mechanism for enterprises of Ukraine in modern conditions.

Main research works performed in the following directions:

  • Development of scientific and methodological foundations of the strategic development of the region;
  • Formation of organizational methods of management enterprises competitiveness ;
  • Development of economic-mathematical modeling methods ;
  • Development of economic and mathematical modern enterprise performance management models;
  • Simulation system for effective management of enterprises;
  • Modeling adaptation strategies of the enterprise;
  • Develop a mechanism for implementing the economic quality of life, using the factor of limited energy resources in Kharkiv region;
  • Develop a strategy corporate culture in enterprises;
  • Management of the regional economy of innovation type.

The Department carries out training of researchers through graduate school, where currently enrolled 14 graduate students. For the last year it was successfully defended 2 thesis and 2 doctoral dissertations.
Prof. Gurin V.N. was elected as a full member of The National Academy of sciences of Mongolia in 2011.

International cooperation of the Department is performed by preparing international students (including foreign languages). Since 2007 there is post-graduate training course for foreign students under the supervision of Prof. Timofeev V.A.
Employees of the department have won the competition for performing work on the development of the regional development strategy in Mongolia.

Department of Economic Cybernetics and Management of Economic Security working with the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), universities of Russia. Head of the Department Timofeev V.A. is a member of the Informatics Section of the Russian Sciences Academy.
Teachers of the Department are regularly participate in national and international conferences. Individual teachers of the department involved in training foreign students in English. Some students of the Department graduated in the European Universities.

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