Department of Economic Сybernetics and Management of Economic Security

Economic cybernetics – is the science about the laws of acquisition, processing, transmission and use of economic information in complex information management systems.

The «Economic Cybernetics» speciality allows you to become a specialist of wide profile in the preparation and implementation of effective solutions of the economic problems on the basis of economical and mathematical methods and models with the use of specialized hardware and software.


Building “E”, 2nd floor, rooms 201-204

+38 (057) 702-14-90
Volodymyr O. Timofeev
Volodymyr O. Timofeev
Head of Department, Dr. of Sc. (Technology), Professor

Main functions

The department trains:
- Bachelors and Masters on specialty 051 — Economic. Qualification – economist, time - full-time, correspondence learning; training language - Ukrainian, Russian, English;

- Masters on specialty 073 — Management. Qualification - a professional on financial and economic security, education - full-time, training language - Ukrainian, Russian.

The main subjects for training in economic cybernetics are: economic cybernetics, modeling the economy, the economic dynamics, methods of operations research, forecasting methods, information systems and technologies in the economy.

Places of employment of our graduates - an economist, an economist on planning, a specialist on analysis of the labour market, a specialist on enterprise performance, a specialist on methods of the market expansion, an analyst on the investigation of the commodity market, an economist on financial work, a consultant on economical issues, researcher, head of the automated control system department, director on economics etc.

Scientific directions of the Department:
- Theoretical and practical approaches to the formation of market mechanisms of the market place in modern conditions;
- Methods of mathematical modeling and information technology in the economy;
- Organizational and economical support of control of efficiency and competitiveness of management subjects.

The Science Laboratory of the EC Department - a problem-oriented, research laboratory «Simulation of economic processes in the energy sector».

Research directions of the laboratory:
- The strategy of development of the energy sector;
- The strategy of budgeting and financial sustainability of enterprises of the energy sector;
- Pricing strategy of housing and communal services of Ukrainian cities;
- The strategy of human resources policy on enterprises of the energy sector (human resource management - level of education and methods of motivation).

The Department offers a second degree to specialists with higher education, who need reprofiling, changing an area of activity or current direction of research. It allows unlocking the creative potential of your personality.
The experience of our research suggests: Economic Cybernetics - it's your choice and broad prospects.

Department of Economic Сybernetics and Management of Economic Security