About the faculty

General information

The School employs 100 teachers and academic staff (including 4 Members of the Academy of Sciences, 17 Dr. Sc., over 50 Cand. Sc.) and 600 students. The Department of Applied Mathematics and Management was founded in July 1995 according to the order № 67 of 12.07.95.

The School consists of five departments: Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Informatics, Department of Social Informatics, Department of Economic Cybernetics, Department of Advanced Calculus.


The School provides training for Bachelor, Specialist, Master degrees:

  • 6.040301 “Applied Mathematics” (7.04030101, 8.04030101 “Applied Mathematics”);
  • 6.040303 “System Analysis” (7.04030301, 8.04030101, “System Analysis and Control”);
  • 6.040302 “Informatics” (7.04030201, 8.04030201 “Informatics”);
  • 6.040502 “Economic Cybernetics” (7.04050201, 8.04050201 “Economic Cybernetics”), as well as 8.18010014 “Management of Financial and Economic Security,” 8.18010015 “Consolidated Information”.

The School has modern research-oriented laboratories. Students are sent out on placement for training abroad (Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, USA) on programs of leading world universities.

Science and international cooperation 

The School teachers and scientists published more than 1200 articles, 60 monographs and textbooks, 67 Cand. Sc. and Dr. Sc. defended their dissertations. The School cooperates with the leading companies in software industry in Kharkiv, among them are the LLC “Infostroy», DB Best technologies, Enex Group, QArea Group.

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