All students specializing in “Computer Science” and “Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies” study compulsory general educational disciplines of humanitarian and socio-economic training, natural science training, professional and practical training.

The Bachelor studies are intended for 4-year learning and include such disciplines as, “Discrete Mathematics”, “System Analysis”, “Object-Oriented Programming”, “Database and Knowledge Base Management”, “System Modelling”, “Web Technology and Web Design”, “Operating Systems”, “Computer Networks”, “Management of IT Projects”, etc.

The Department of System Engineering offers the 3rd-year students the block of disciplines for their specialization, which includes the “Object-Oriented Analysis in System Engineering”, “Software Service Architecture”, “Internet Technologies of Distributed Information Processing”, “Reengineering Information Technology”, “Special Databases”, “Models and Tools of Project Management for Control and Automatics Systems”, etc.

Students combine their theoretical education with the practical training and projects in the student scientific groups “Development of Visual Engineering Tools”, “Development of Algorithms and Software for Solving Problems of Structural Synthesis and Analysis of Geographically Distributed Systems”, “Design of Training Systems”, as well as at the branch of the Department in “Institute of Automated Systems” (IAS) (Head of the branch is Bronislav A. Kolesnik, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor).

Science and international cooperation

Within the scientific directions of the department, employees are engaged in the implementation of state budget and research works.
Among them:

  • development of models, methods and tools of structural-topological and parametric optimization of geographically distributed systems;
  • development of methodology and mathematical models of socio-economic systems in the implementation of the concept of their sustainable development;
  • models and methods for making effective decisions in socio-economic and defense systems.

At the Department were created and now working laboratories:

  1. Scientific laboratory “Administration Informatization Center”.
    Scientific supervisor I.V. Grebennik, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Head of the Center V.P. Pisklakova, Cand. Sc. (Technology).
  2. Educational and Scientific laboratory “Modelling of Systems”.
    Scientific supervisor V.G. Ivanov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor;
  3. Educational and Scientific laboratory “System Design”.
    Scientific supervisor Yu.V. Mischeryakov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor.

International cooperation of the Department is maintained in such areas as:

International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Full Membership of Ukrainian Informatics Federation in IFIP, I.V. Grebennik, Dr. Sc. (Technology) is the representative of Ukraine in the General Assembly of IFIP
Avista Technologies Inc. (Canada) Scientific and academic contracts within the concluded contract (Agreement on Cooperation and Interaction between NURE and the company Avista Technologies Inc. from 21.05.14), Yu.V. Mischeryakov, Associate Professor
Polytechnic University Gliwice «Politechnika Slaska» (Poland) Scientific and academic contracts within the concluded contract (Agreement between KNURE and Polytechnic University «Politechnika Slaska» from 2015)

Scientific School

System analysis, decision making and mathematical modeling in socio-economic systems.

It was founded in 1967 at the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics (now the Department of System Engineering) by Professor I.V. Kuzmin and Professor E.G. Petrov.

Postdoctoral studies in specialties:
01.05.02 – Mathematical modeling and computational methods;
05.13.06 – Information technology;
05.13.12 – Automation Design Systems.

Scientific Supervisors
V.V. Bezkorovainyi, Dr.Sc.(Technology), Professor;
I.V. Grebennik, Dr.Sc.(Technology), Professor;
S.I. Chaynіkov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor;
M.Yu. Vyshniak, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor;
Yu.V. Mishcheryakov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor;
L.N. Rebezyuk, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor;
V.G. Ivanov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor;
Z.A. Imangulova, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor;
N.I. Kalita, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor;
L.V. Kolesnik, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor.

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