Department of System Engineering

The SysE department was founded in 1967 by a distinguished scholar, Professor I.V. Kuzmin as the department of Theoretical Cybernetics of Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics. The Department became a part of the Faculty of Control Systems when it was founded in 1972 and was renamed the Department of System Engineering (SysE) in 1974.

Contact Information

main building, 2nd floor,
room 270, 277, 264

+38 (057) 702-10-06


Head of Department

Igor V. Grebennik

Professor, Dr. Sc. (Technology)

Main functions

The department trains specialists (bachelors, specialists, masters) in two directions:

  • 6.050101 «Computer Science», specialities 7.05010102, 8.05010102 – «Information Design Technology» and 8.05010103 – «System Design». The general object of activity – Computer Information Systems and Technologies;
  • 6.050201 «System Engineering», speciality 7.05020101, 8.05020101 – «Computerized Control Systems and Automation». The general object of activity – planning and control of technical, technological and organizational objects.
Department of System Engineering