Larysa I. Tsymbal

Cand. Sc. (Thecnology), Associate Professor, Department of Media Systems and Technologies.
Larysa I. Tsymbal

+38 (057) 702-13-78

Born on January 25, 1952


Floriculture, travelling, learning the German language.


1982 – Cand. Sc. (Thecnology), Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, speciality 05.13.01 – Technical Cybernetics and Information Theory. The dissertation topic: «Research and development of optimal planning construction of regressive experiments and methods of their effective implementation».

1983 – Senior Researcher of Department of Technical Cybernetics.

1990 – Assistant Professor, Department of Enginering and Computer Graphics.

1974 – electric engineer, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, speciality – automated control systems. Graduation thesis: «Development of a subsystem for planning an experiment of automated scientific research system».

Academic work

Lecture courses: «Engineering Graphics», «Engineering and Computer Graphics», «Fundamentals of Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management». All courses are provided with computer slide lectures.

Scientific work

Research interests: computer graphics, geometric modeling, information technology in the learning process.

Tutorship:  supervised more than 30 graduate students.

Public and international activities

Scientific secretary of the department, student supervisor, responsible for compliance with standards of the curriculum disciplines.

Publications and patents

90 scientific publications, 20 study guides, 1 manual. Among them are:

  1. L.I. Tsymbal On creation of electronic guides for courses "Design of Computer Publishing Systems" and "Quality Management" // Collection of Scientific Papers. 8th International Conference of the Ukrainian Association of Distance Learning. – Yalta, UADO, 2004. – P. 236-240.
  2. V.P. Tkachenko, L.I. Tsymbal Fundamentals of metrology, standardization and quality management. Study guide for students majoring in Printing and Publishing. – Kharkiv, KhNURE, 2005. – 190p.
  3. L.I. Tsymbal, S.S. Pryhno Multimedia laboratory workshop in engineering and computer graphics // Collection of Scientific Papers "Geometric and computer modeling”, Kharkiv, 2005. Issue 12. – P. 82-86.
  4. L.I. Tsymbal. E-book "Fundamentals of metrology, standardization and quality management" for distance learning // Collection of Scientific Papers “Development management”, Kharkiv, 2006. Issue 2. – P. 86-87.
  5. L.I. Tsymbal Peculiarities of the use of information technologies in teaching the course "Engineering and Computer Graphics" // Information Technology in Applied Geometry / Papers of Tauride State Agricultural and Technical Academy. Melitopol: TDATA 2007. Issue 5, Vol. 1 – P. 31-36.
  6. L.I. Tsymbal. Analysis of using geometric modeling of printing processes. - Scientific Papers of 9 International scientific conference "Modern problems of geometric modeling." -Melitopol, 2007. – P. 89-92.
  7. L.I. Tsymbal, М.А. Anokhin, А.N. Lisenkov About the multimedia teaching aids to the course "Engineering and Computer Graphics" // Scientific Papers of 12th International scientific conference of the Ukrainian Distance Learning Association "Education and Virtuality" – Yalta, UADO, 2009. - P. 125-130.
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