Valeriy P. Avramenko

Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, Department of Media Systems and Technologies (MST).
Valeriy P. Avramenko

+38 (057) 702-13-78

Born on 05.02.1938, Kherson.

Two children and three grandchildren.


Ukrainian history and travelling, fruit and vegetable garden..


1988 – Dr. Sc. (Technology), Kharkiv State Technical University of Radio Electronics, speciality – Technical Systems Control and Automated Control Systems (Industry), doctoral dissertation topic – “Modeling and Optimization of Organizational and Technology Systems Control under the Uncertainty Conditions.”

1968 – Cand. Sc (Technology), Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute, speciality – Automated Production Processes in Mining. Candidate dissertation topic – “Study of Flow Distribution Optimal Processes in Mining Ventilation Networks.”

1960 – engineer of industrial enterprises electrification, Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, speciality – Automated Production Processes. Graduation thesis – “Dock Loader Automated Control.”

Academic work

Kharkiv State Technical University of Radio Electronics, instructor (1966-1968), Assistant Professor (1968 – 1970), Associate Professor (1970 – 1989), Professor of the Department of   Information Control Systems (1989 – 2009), Professor of the Department of Media Systems and Technologies (2009 – present).

Lecture courses: “Telemechanics”, “Theory of Informatics”, “Applied Software”, “Automated Information Systems Design”, “Corporate Information Systems”, “Methods of Research”, “Technical Systems Modeling in Printing”, “Mathematical Statistics and Data Processing”, “Professor of Economic Cybernetics Department of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (part-time work).

Methodological work: a teaching manual, 12 study guides, supervisor of more than 150 graduation theses, supervisor of post-graduates specializing in “Computer-aided design and Information Technologies”. Under his supervision 14 postgraduate students and applicants submitted candidate dissertations. 2 of them got doctoral degree and work as Heads of Departments.

Scientific (production) activities

Kharkiv State Technical University of Radio Electronics: a researcher, supervisor (1968 -present) of the following scientific projects:

  • development of  optimal production program of Kharkiv homebuilding enterprise DSK-1;
  • forecasting gas consumption by large enterprises and cities;
  • development of mathematical and information support for project management;
  • organization and economic production management at the plant of electrical equipment;
  • earthquakes and tsunami forecasting (for Kharkiv Physical and Technical Institute).

Additional activities

A member of two thesis boards for Candidate and Doctoral Degrees (Technology), Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (D 64.052.01, D 64.052.02).

Publications and patents

124 publications, including a monograph, a student training manual, scientific articles in home and foreign editions, 4 copyright certificates on development and implementation of algorithms and programs. Among them are:

  1. V.P. Avramenko, V.A. Timofeev, A.A. Panasenko, I.V. Tatanov Organization and Technology Systems Modeling. – Ryazan: Russian Word, 1996. – 224.
  2. V.P. Avramenko Production Management under Uncertainty Conditions. - Kyiv: UMKVO, 1992. - 48.
  3. V.P. Avramenko Concept of Intellectualization of Managerial Decision Taking Procedures under Uncertainty Conditions. – AMS and Automation Devices, 1998, №108, p. 42 - 58.