Science and International Cooperation

Scientific majors are geographic information systems and technologies; electronic publications design technologies, printing control automation systems, problem of digital image processing and colour reproduction in printing.

Subjects of state-funded and contractual research work:

“Research and Development of Colour Reproduction Generalized Models” (2006-2008), “Research and Development of Colour Transfer Optimal Procedures  in Open Printing Systems” (2010-2011), “Project Development of Basic Engineering Solutions for Urban Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) of Energodar” (2008), “Project Development of  MGIS Technology Center and High-Speed Multi-Service Cooperative Network for Data Exchange” (2008), “Implementation of Land and Property Resources Effective Use Mechanism of Chuguev Territorial Community (creation of the first queue of land information systems of Chuguev)” (2008), “Development of Technical Specifications for Information Analytical System Creation to Inform Public and Local Authorities about Environment” (2009), “Development of Technology and Urban GIS Design Tools on the Basis of Open Code Software” (2011-2012).

The Scientific Research Laboratory (SRL) “GIS and Computer Graphics” was created at the Department in 2000.

The following projects were made at the Department:

“Kharkiv-350″ Information Project consisting of Geographic Information System “Kharkiv-350″,  the map of Kharkiv, “Kharkiv-350″ CD-ROM; Poltava Region Informatization Program; Kharkiv Informatization Program; the regional management system of gas supply objects of the Kharkiv region (pilot project); geographic information subsystem of the regional information analytical management system in emergencies (for Kharkiv and Donetsk regions); electronic maps of  Kharkiv, Energodar, Chuguyev, Voznesensk.

More information about SRL developments is on

For the last five years 115 scientific papers have been published and more than 470 reports have been represented at scientific conferences, seminars and forums.

Students in Science

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are actively involved in research work. The results are reported at the following conferences:

  • International Youth Forum “ELECTRONICS AND YOUTH IN THE XXI CENTURY” (Kharkiv);
  • International Scientific and Technical Student Conference “Drukarstvo molode” (Kyiv);
  • International Research and Training Conference “Kvalіlogіya knigi” (Lviv);
  • International Specialized Exhibition “PakEkspo 2010″ Contest “Packaging of the Future, 2010″ (Kyiv);
  • Ukrainian Student Advertising Festival (Kyiv).

Teachers, postgraduate students and students take an active part in international conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc. In the 2008-2010 academic years, N. Kulishova, Associate Professor, participated in the program of academic personnel training carried out by the company Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, Germany. N. Gurieva, one of the lecturers, participated in the International Exhibition of Printing Equipment in Drupa (Dusseldorf) in 2008. The work of students and teachers was represented at the international conferences:

  • International Student Conference “Printing of the Future, 2007″ (Germany, Chemnitz), 2007;
  • First International Student Congress Devoted To Graphic Technologies (Printing, Design and Photography) “Proceedings of PDP Convention” (Serbia, Novi Sad), 2008;
  • 40th Conference of the International Circle of Educational Institutions for Graphic Arts (Poland, Warsaw), 2008;
  • International Conference of Young Scientists «PRINT» (Russia, St. Petersburg), 2009, 2011;
  • 3rd International Research and Training Conference “Modern Achievements in Science and Education” (Israel, Tel-Aviv), 2009;
  • 9th International Scientific Conference “Improving Quality and Reliability of Technical Systems and Processes” (Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh), 2010;
  • 15th International Conference on Printing, Design and Graphic Communications, (Senj, Croatia), 2011;
  • International Scientific Seminar “Science and Education” (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), 2011.

A lot of international agreements on scientific and technical cooperation have been made at the Department with the following organizations: the University of Wuppertal, Moscow State University of Press, St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design, the representative office of “Heidelberg Ukraine” in Kyiv, the Polish branch of “RR Donnelley” company, NTTU KPI, KhNURE, Byelorussian State Technological University, Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, Kazakh National University of Technology, Kyrgyz Technical University, Tajik Technical University, Stuttgart  Media University (2012).

Post-graduate Studies in the specialities 05.13.12 – Project Automation Systems, 05.13.06 – Information Technologies. The scientific advisers are Prof. Vladimir. F. Tkachenko, Cand.Sc. (Technology), Prof. V. Avramenko, Dr.Sc. (Technology), Prof. V. Manakov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), I. Levikin, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor, N.Kulishova, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor.

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