Department of Media Systems and Technologies

The MST Department was founded in 1944 in Kharkiv Mining and Industrial Institute (later reorganized into HIGMAVT and then KhIRE, KhTURE and finally into KhNURE) as the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Drawing. In 1995, it was renamed into the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics. Since November 2011 it has been called the Department of Media Systems and Technologies (MST).

Contact information

building «I», 5th floor,
Rooms 502-508 «I»

+38 (057) 702-13-78

Tel./fax: (057) 702-18-91


The Head of the Department
Vladimir F. Tkachenko

Candidate of Sciences (Technology)

Main Functions

The Department trains specialists (bachelors, specialists, masters) in the major of 6.051501, «Publishing and Printing», the speciality:

7.8. 05150103 – Computer Technologies and Systems in Publishing and Printing;

7.8. 05150101 – Printed Publications Technology.

Students are taught fundamentals of design, printed publications production on the basis of modern printing technologies, learn how to use computers, computer networks, the Internet and specialized professional software in printing industry. Within the new speciality "Electronic Media Publications Technologies" the Department plans to train specialists in the field of WEB technologies (HTML, JavaScript, PHP) and SEO, audio and video data processing, three-dimensional modeling, animation and also advertising production technologies.