Vladimir I. Sayenko

Professor of Information Control Systems department, associate professor, European Engineering Educator IGIP (ING-PAED), Head of Network Management Laboratory.
Vladimir I. Sayenko

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ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1596-9629
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Titles and Awards

Title “European Engineering Educator”, 2001; Honorary Certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science ofUkraine, 2000, 2004; Badge “Excellence in Education ofUkraine”, 2008; receipt of certificate “Molex Premise Networks Certified Installer” for computer networks, 2008; receipt of certificate CISCO, CCNA and CISCO Instructor status, 2010; professional improvement, training at the Microsofi Academia center (48 hours), area computer network management, certificate (2010); Participation in competition for the best training laboratory, diploma II degree (2004).


1979 – graduated with honors from the Control Systems Department, Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics (specialty — Automated Control Systems).

From 1979 – worked at the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics: engineer, junior scientific associate, senior scientific associate.

1987 – defended the candidate dissertation (PhD) on the topic: “Identification of Objects of Technical Systems with the Use of Patch Functions” (specialty 05.13.01 — control in technical systems).

1987-1993 – worked as a senior instructor and head of the Department of Automated Control Systems of Higher Educational Institutions.

1995 – received an associate professor certificate.

Since 2001 – has been working as a professor, and this year received the title “European Engineer-Educator” (ING-PAED IGIP).

Has 28 years of service in scientific and pedagogical work, 22 years working as an lecturer.

Educational work

Prepared and Taught Courses:

  • “Computer Networks” for the specialties IUST (Information Control Systems and Technologies), PZAS (Software Engineering and Automation Systems), ISPR (Intellectual Systems and Making Decisions) (3rd year) for fulltime instruction and distance learning courses in 24h lectures and 20h laboratory work sessions;
  • “Computer Networks” for the specialties PZAS (3rd year) for distance-learning;
  • “Management and Monitoring of Computer Networks and Systems” for the specialty IUST (5th year) for full-time instruction and distance-learning courses;
  • “Network Management” for specialty Corporate Communications Network (CCN) (5th year) for foreign students, in English, developed for the first time;
  • “Network Management” in English for foreign students, in English, revised;
  • “Advanced Network Management” for specialty CCN (5th year) for foreign students, in English, revised for the first time;
  • “Computer Network Optimization” for specialty CCN (5th year) for foreign students, in English, revised for the first time;
  • “Study of the Interaction of Processes in Computer Networks”, for specialty IUST (5th year).

Scientific work

He was a post – graduate academic adviser, where trained three candidates of technical sciences, one of whom was a citizen of Jordan.

Supervision of post-graduate training:

  • Aleksandr Vasilyevich Klimenko defended his postgraduate dissertation in 1999: “Models, Algorithms and Technologies of Organizational Systems with Administrative Control” (3rd year, full-time);
  • Mohammad Al-Ravajba defended his postgraduate dissertation “Models, Algorithms and Technologies of Management of Computer Network Configuration” in 2000 (3rd year, full-time);
  • Postgraduate student A.S. Golubev (3rd year, full-time) completed postgraduate studies and defended his dissertation in 2009: “Methods and Technology of Resources Administration in Distributed Service-Oriented Information System”;
  • Postgraduate student O.M. Snurnikov (3rd year, full-time);
  • Postgraduate student T.A. Koleyntseva (3rd year, full-time);

Preparing students for scientific activities:

  • preparation of competitive assignments and participation in the conduct of National Ukrainian Olympiad on Computer Science, 2009, 2011;
  • participation in competition for the best diploma project, third place, acknowledgement (2009);
  • preparation of a foreign student (Nigeria) for participation in a youth forum, certificate for the best report of a foreign participant (2011);
  • supervision of scientific student circle “Computer Network Management”;
  • preparation of students for participation in regional and National Ukrainian scientific work competitions (2009), certificate;
  • supervision of students for participation in international projects (2009), grant to participate in summer school in Jyvaskyla (Finland);
  • supervision of students for participation in international conferences (2009, 2007,Moscow, Gagarin Readings), certificate for best report.
  • supervision of students for participation in the 15s Anniversary International Youth Forum Materials of the XV International Youth Forum “Electronics and Youth in the 21 Century”, 2010, (L. Ostapenko, V. Posokhov, A. Shpak, E. Shipilov, A. Zakharchenko. Pinger Program System for Monitoring the Status of Computer Networks), Diploma III Degree.

Public and International Work

2001-2004 — Academic Secretary of the special council for defense of dissertations;

from 2001 — Head of the basic scientific and academic research laboratory “Management of Computer Networks”;

from 2001 — supervision of the academic computer classroom “Technology of Corporate Computer Systems”;

from 2003 — head of the project for development of a university campus computer network (UKMIG);

The activities include:

  • organization of work and preparation of an agreement on cooperation between IBM and the Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics (KNURE) (2009);
  • organization of work and preparation of contracts on cooperation between the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) and the and KNURE, 2010;
  • organization of an intemational meeting of Nokia, NSN, University ofJyvaskyla- KNURE, 2010;
  • preparing for implementation of new technologies project “Gigabit Network”, 2011 (TK department (V.V. Popovskiy, D. Andrushko), Information Control Systems department (V.M. Levykin, V.I. Sayenko), computer center (A.B. Kolodyazhnyy).

Publications and patents

Has more than 80 published works.