The main objective of the department is to train students at the internationally recognized level. Our graduates work in the leading Ukrainian and world-known companies: Nokia, Sonera, Nokia-Siemens Network, Digia, F-Secure, Futurice, International Marketmakers Combination, SapfoX, Eclipse, People.Net, Nix Solutions, etc. The most talented graduates made their PhD thesis and act as researchers in Finnish universities of Jyvaskyla, Tampere, Vaasa, Portuguese university of Algarve, Dutch universities of Eindhoven and Amsterdam and Malta University of information technologies, etc.

To target this purpose AI Department has all necessary resources: high qualified academic staff which trains students in a line with smart trends of the studied fields combined it with entrepreneurship education, develops international projects aimed at capacity building of higher education and involve student in joint work.


The strong foundation of the field of study “Artificial Intelligence Systems” (AIS) was laid down in 1995 when Ukrainian and international experts developed curriculum of “Intelligent Decision Support Systems” (IDSS) – precursor of AIS. IDSS curriculum was a result of the project funded by Finnish Academy of Science, developed in a line with the European standards and approved by both Ukrainian and Finnish Ministries of Education as well as by partner European universities.

This allows our graduates to continue education in European universities and make easier transferring the courses obtained in home university within Bachelor degree, getting Degree of M.Sc or PhD and good opportunities for successful career in IT companies of Ukraine as well as Europe.

We offer our students opportunities to participate in the national and international programs and projects for education and research, to get the practical training in the leading national and European IT companies, to try their skills in the development of the projects ideas and business plans for real IT projects together with French students within international entrepreneurship seminars under supervising of Ukrainian and European teachers and entrepreneurs.

More than 80 our graduates obtained M.Sc. degree in the field of “Mobile Computing” and “Artificial Intelligence” of the Finnish University of Jyvaskyla and Dutch Vrije University of Amsterdam besides Ukrainian Degree of Specialist and later Master of Science, more than 27 of them obtained PhD degree

Research and international cooperation results

AI Department scientists undertake research in the following areas:

    • Software for complex distributed mobile and Internet-systems;
    • Semantic Web Services for Smart Devices;
    • Knowledge computing;
    • Big Data;
    • Semantic Web and Semantic technology;
    • Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems;
    • Database;
    • Integration, intelligent data processing and knowledge management in global networks;
    • Internet-based systems of electronic and mobile commerce;
    • Computational intelligence, adaptive neuro-, fuzzy-systems.

From January 2016 PhD, Senior lecturer, Mariia Golovianko became a member of the Management Committee of the programme COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) in particularly its network project Keystone (within Horizon2020) for the best European researchers in the fields of Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Data Management. She represents Ukraine and KNURE in this network project aimed at establishing the strong research network between researchers and creation of the common European research area.

Researchers of the department have regular trainings and participating development within joint European projects and bilateral agreements; cooperate effectively with the best world scientists in the priority areas of Artificial Intelligence. Researchers of the Department confirm their results through numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings of the international conferences; give lectures in universities of Finland, France, Germany and the Netherlands as invited lecturers; realise research results in the product and services which is piloting in Ukraine and abroad; implement obtained results in the research-based Master and Doctoral education to train the mature graduates.

Applied projects of the scientists of the Department are implemented in numerous industrial projects of such world-known companies as Nokia, JSP, Tekes, Fingrid, TeliaSonera, TietoEnator, Metso Automation, ABB.

Unique for Ukraine and the first in KNURE curriculum of IDSS which was a result of joint Ukrainian-Finnish scientific and methodological project, vectored the sustainable development of the Department for the future.
Directorate for Education and Culture of European Commission recognized the joint Ukrainian- Finnish Double-Degree programme as the best international programme in Finland and recommended to study its experience for key Ukrainian policy-makers in the field of education and science who works on the higher education reform. World Bank and European Training Foundation hold the seminars presenting the experience of the many-years education, scientific results and approaches of AI Department and its Finnish partner in Finland in 2008.
From this crucial point AI Department started collaboration with Committee on Science and Education of the Parliament of Ukraine aimed to implement the research results through necessary changes of legislation.
AI Department’s contributions to the reforms of the higher education system on its road to European integration are the following: Law on Higher Education entered into force from 1 of September 2014, Concept on National Independent QA Agency entered into force from 1 of January 2015, Concept of Reform on Licensing and Accreditation in HE of Ukraine offered for public discussion from March 2014, Draft of new Law on Education, recommendations by Parliament Committee on Science and Educational Issues on updating the regulatory acts aimed to facilitate procedure of internationalization within the public university, Road Map of implementing reforms in QA aspect, Road Map of establishing the National Independent QA Agency: common position on criteria and mechanism of choosing the members of Agency, White Paper of the National Independent QA Agency.
Department staff carries out projects financed by State Fund of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as well as by European funds such as Tempus, Horizon2020 and bilateral agreements.

The Ukrainian-French programme in English (entrepreneurship seminars) for the joint group of the students of Computer Science, KNURE, and Informational Technologies, ITESCIA, Cergy, France, which started in 2006 became the next step in the development of the students exchange programmes and training students according to the joint curricula. According to the programme the key Ukrainian and French experts give the course in business-planning “European Virtual Venturing” in the mode of teleconferences. The goal of this programme – joint work of Ukrainian-French student groups at the development of the business-plans for products or services related to the IT field.
Communication within the course is performed by means of tele-conferences which became possible because of use of fast Internet-access by the radio-technology WiMAX and video-conferences system Polycom VSX7000s. At the end of course all students obtained the Certificates signed both Universities and provides students with earned credits in terms of ECTS.
In 2008 the programme extended to the new qualitative level. French students visited KNURE (AI Department) within the students exchange programme. French and Ukrainian lecturers as well as top-managers of the leading IT-companies supervised development and defence of the student business-plans of real product / service for IT field. This programme is unique business- incubator for young and promising start-up (university-based) companies.
Many initiatives of the department are supported and funded by European funds in particular by Tempus Programme of European Commission.

The new framework for M.Sc. Thesis Work and methodology of credit-based transfer for courses / practical placements obtained at host EU partner universities under bilateral agreements have been developed within Project “Development of New Framework for the M.Sc. Thesis Work” (1999-2001) and implemented in the educational process aimed at getting degree of Specialist in “Intelligent Decision Support Systems” (now “Artificial Intelligence Systems”) and established the background for realization of Double-Degree Programmes of AI Department (KNURE) with University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) and Vrije University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Ontology-Based Portal for Management and Evaluation of the Education Resources, the prototype of which was developed within Tempus project (“Towards Transparent Ontology-Based Accreditation – OntAc), allowed offering the wide access to the results of the procedures of accreditation and ranking of higher education institutions for all parties having a concern in education quality assurance: students, employers, teachers, parents, governmental – experts, politicians, investors, etc.

Project “Towards Trust in Quality Assurance Systems” aimed to support the reforms of Ukrainian higher education by introducing a common, innovative, policy neutral, QA framework and supporting Ecosystem for this framework that enables mutual understanding, trust between different national and international QA actors/decision makers, and also (what is more important) will guarantee trusted decisions in QA process was financed for 2011-2015 by Tempus Programme, EU.
Main result of this project is National Concept for quality assurance of higher education and its methodological support, legislative acts which implemented the project solutions Semantic Ontology-based Portal for quality assurance in higher education.

Keystone (COST Action IC1302 – semantic KEYword-based Search on sTructured data sOurcEs) is network project of programme COST within Horizon2020, aimed at enabling breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products and thereby contributing to building Europe’s research and innovation capacities. COST contributes to the objective of strengthening the scientific and technological bases of the European Research Area (ERA) by encouraging researchers to share, create and apply knowledge. Researcher of Department is a member of Management Committee of the programme COST and represents Ukraine in this network.

SAREP – COST Action CA1530 “Study Abroad Research in European Perspective” (within Horizon2020) is transnational project involving 100+ researchers across Europe which runs from 1 May 2016 – 30 April 2020. Project aims to explore the nature, experiences, benefits and limitations of study abroad in the context of increasing international education and study abroad at both European and international level. To enhance multilingual development and intercultural awareness among citizens of contemporary Europe the project includes researchers who bring cross- and inter-disciplinary insights working on through both quantitative and qualitative analysis, drawing on wide-ranging methodological approaches and tools of investigation.

INTERPID – COST Action TD1408 “Interdisciplinarity in research programming and funding cycles (within Horizon2020) is an international network with the overall aim to better understand how to achieve more efficient and effective interdisciplinary research in Europe, in order to enhance our capacity to meet contemporary global (urban) challenges characterised by increasing complexity and uncertainty.

Doctoral training

05.13.23 – Systems and Means of Artificial Intelligence.
05.13.06 – Information Technologies.

Prof. Bodianskiy Ievgeniy
Prof. Filatov Valentyn
Prof. Gvozdynskiy Anatoliy
Prof. Ryabova Nataliia
Prof. Terziyan Vagan
PhD. Chala Larysa
PhD Shevchenko Oleksandr
PhD Vitko Oleksandra.

International partners

University of Jyvaskyla (Finland)
University of Oxford
Ostfalia University of Applied Science
University of Coimbra (Portugal)
Une école de la I-Management (France)
Graduate School of General Engineering (France)
Vrije University of Amsterdam
Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia)
European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Reviews of AI Department and its achievements in the media

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