Artificial Intelligence Department

The Artificial Intelligence Department (AI) was founded on June 7, 1999  (Order № 72, decision of the Academic Council of June 2, 1999, Order № 14) on the basis of the Technical Cybernetics Department and the branch of Finnish University of Juvaskyla “Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems Department” headed by Professor Vagan Terziyan.

Contact information

Main building, 2nd floor,
Room 255

+38 (057) 702-13-37

Head of Department

Valentin А. Filatov
Doctor of Technical Sciences Scientific Coordinator of the Center of Information Systems and Technologies

The Artificial Intelligence Department (AI) is one of the best places in Ukraine for research and education in Computer Science in general and in Artificial Intelligence particularly.

The Department trains student of three qualification levels:

  • Bachelor Degree in “Computer Science” - 6.050101;
  • Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS)” - 8.05010104 “;
  • PhD in “Artificial Intelligence Systems and Means” – 051323.

The academic staff which provides research and education at the Department consists of 6 Professors and 11 PhD.

Field of study “Artificial Intelligence Systems” provides students with knowledge and skills in the fields of software design for complex distributed and intelligent systems, Web-based applications and services, intelligent data analysis and computational intelligence, electronic and mobile commerce, intelligent Internet technologies, ubiquitous, autonomic and proactive computing, etc. what gives graduator opportunity to make a career as a IT professional: developer of program systems and services in the Web; Software (Cloud) Service architects; experts in Big Data, ontology engineering, knowledge management and constructing of knowledge based-systems.

The main objective of the department is to train students at the internationally recognized level.
Our graduates work in the leading Ukrainian and world-known companies: Nokia, Sonera, Nokia-Siemens Network, Digia, F-Secure, Futurice, International Marketmakers Combination, SapfoX, Eclipse, People.Net, Nix Solutions, etc. The most talented graduates made their PhD thesis and act as researchers in Finnish universities of Jyvaskyla, Tampere, Vaasa, Portuguese university of Algarve, Dutch universities of Eindhoven and Amsterdam, Malta University of information technologies, etc.

More than 80 our graduates obtained M.Sc. degree in the field of "Mobile Computing" and "Artificial Intelligence" of the Finnish University of Jyvaskyla and Dutch Vrije University of Amsterdam besides Ukrainian Degree of Specialist and later Master of Science, more than 27 of them obtained PhD degree: