Valentyna I. Shtanko

Head of Philosophy Department, Dr. Sc. (Philosophy), Professor
Valentyna I. Shtanko

+38(057) 702-14-65

Awards and Honors

In 1999, she was awarded a letter of commendation of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, a badge of “Honored Figure of Education of Ukraine”. She was also awarded a letter of commendation (2001) and won (2003) the regional contest “Higher Education of the Kharkiv Region, Best Names” in the nomination “The Teacher of the Humanities”.


Valentyna I. Shtanko graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, and completed post-graduate studies at Philosophy Department.

In 1982 she defended candidate’s dissertation, in 1994 defended doctoral dissertation “Philosophic analysis of information paradigm in cognitive research: opportunities and problems” on speciality “Philosophy of Science”.

Educational work

Valentyna Stanko has been working at the Philosophy Department of KhNURE since 1973 as an Assistant Professor, an Associate Professor since 1984, as the Head of the Department.

She also guides the post-graduate and doctoral courses at the Department. Under her supervision 13 Candidate and 2 Doctoral dissertations have been defended.

She teaches “Philosophy”, “Philosophic Problems of Scientific Cognition”, “Philosophy of Science”, “Society Informatization” courses for students, masters and post-graduate students.

Scientific work

The area of scientific interests is the methodology of scientific cognition, philosophic problems of artificial intelligence, peculiarities of postmodern situation in philosophy and philosophy of science, philosophic and social problems of society informatization.

Under Valentyna’s supervision the state funded research has been conducted “Social and cultural transformations in the process of information civilization formation (philosophic, methodological and sociological analysis)” (1998-2000) and “Social and Cultural Transformations in the Process of Information Civilization Formation in Ukraine” (2001-2004), “Value Orientations of the Youth under the Conditions of Society Globalization and Informatization” (2005-2007), which was the part of coordination plan of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine “Classics, modernism, post-modernism in philosophy, science and culture: the problem of spirituality at the end of the millenium”. Now under her supervision the state funded research is being conducted “The Problems of the Personality Adaptation under the Conditions of Information Society Formation”.

Public and international activities

She is the editor of 4 collective publications. She is the member of the editorial board of scientific collected articles “Herald of KhNU” (the series “Theory of Culture and Philosophy of Science”), she is the member of specialized Scientific Council of doctoral dissertations defense in KhNU named after V.N. Karazin.

Publications and patents

Valentyna Shtanko is the author of 2 monographs and co-author of 4 monographs and 7 textbooks, the 3 of which have been published and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Valentyna has participated in a lot of scientific international conferences, in the XIXth World's Philosophic Congress. She has over 100 publications in the university scientific collections, journals and other Ukrainian and foreign publications, among them are: “The Problem of the Person in the Era of Informatization: New Opportunities and Threats” (2007), “Modern Information and Computer Technologies as a Factor of Social and Cultural Reality Transformation” (2008), “The Problems of Innovation and Creative Potential Formation of a Person in the Society of Knowledge” (2009), “The Internet in Communication Space of Modern Culture” (2010), “The Anthropological Challenges of the Information Civilization” (2011), “The Innovative and Creative Potential of a Person in the Society Knowledge: Formation Problems” (2011).