Lidia A. Tikhonova

professor at Department of Philosophy
Lidia A. Tikhonova

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Graduated from Faculty of Economics, then postgraduated from the department of social and political theory at KSU them. V.N. Karazin. Defended the Ph.D. dissertation in 1987.

Educational work

Works in KNURE since 1981, first time at the Department of Political Science, then at the Department of Philosophy as an assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor. Teaches courses “Political Science”, “The political problems of the modern society”.

Scientific work

Research interests – socio-political transformations in a democratic society.

Publications and patents

She has more than 40 scientific and methodical publications. Among the latter: The article "Transformation of the value orientations of the individual in the process of transition to a postindustrial society" (2007), "Problems of social adaptation to innovative changes in the modern information society" (2008), chapters of monographs "Changes in the value orientations of today's college students in the field of culture and free time "(2009), "The democratic changes in Ukraine in the Information Society "(2009), "Self-identification as a component of the individual’s adaptation to new conditions of the Information Society "(2010), "The problems of political identity formation of modern Ukrainian society" (2011), "Formation features of political and nationally-civilizational identity of the Ukrainian Society" (2011), "Social adaptation of the individual in the Information Society "(2011).