Galina G. Starikova

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor
Galina G. Starikova

+38 (057) 70 21 465


She graduated from the Kharkov Music College by the “Music Theory” specialty, then from KSU them. V.N. Karazin by “Psychology” specialty, postgraduated from the KNURE Department of Philosophy by “epistemology, ontology, phenomenology” specialty.

Defended the Ph.D. dissertation on “The Nature and epistemological functions of personal implicit knowledge” topic in 2001.

She works at KNURE since 1989 as an assistant, then senior lecturer, associate professor of philosophy. 

Educational work

Teaches the following courses: “Philosophy”, “Sociology”, “Political Science”, “General Psychology”, “Image of the modern specialist”.

Scientific work

Research interests – unconscious components of the cognitive process.

Public and international activities

Head of the students’ philosophy scientific section.

Publications and patents

She has over 20 publications. Among the latter – following articles: "Interpretation: A new approach to the history of the phenomenon" (2007), "The problem of "language and reality": humanitarian and natural science approaches" (2007), "The concept and phenomenon of virtuality in Modern Philosophy" (2008), "The problem of the reference of knowable objects in contemporary culture "(2009), "Modern methods of cognitive dichotomy of the "objective-subjective" (2010), "The problem of identity in terms of cultural and civilizational duality" (2011).