Anatoliy N. Pokrovskiy

Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy
Anatoliy N. Pokrovskiy

+38 (057) 70 21 465

Additional Information

Enjoys landscape photography


He graduated from KNURE by “Computer and Intelligent Systems and Networks” specialty and postgraduated from the Department of Philosophy, specialty “philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture”.

Defended the Ph.D. dissertation in 2003 on “The reproduction of a human-mass in a technological civilization” topic.

He worked at the department of philosophy as an intern researcher since 1998. After postgraduation became an assistant, then – senior teacher, associate professor. 

Educational work

Teaches “Sociology”, “philosophy” (for graduate students), “the philosophical problems of scientific knowledge”, “history of science and technology” courses.

Scientific work

Scientific interests – a problem of human existence in a technological civilization.

Publications and patents

He has more than 20 scientific publications, among them: "The creative activity, innovation and information society – the problem of demarcation" (2009), "Failure to individual and social self-reflection as a symptom of modernity" (2010).