Oksana O. Zhydkova

Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, expert on gender policy in the educational process and social problems of the computer revolution
Oksana O. Zhydkova

3rd floor, room 364

+38(057)702-14- 65


ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9045-3243
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Oksana Zhydkova graduated from Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics with a degree in Systems Engineering. She graduated from the graduate school at the Department of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics in philosophy of science specialty.

Since 1992 she worked as head of educational and methodical studies at the Department of Philosophy KNURE. Now she is senior lecturer of philosophy.

Educational work

Oksana Zhydkova conducts lectures and seminars for the course “Philosophy”, “Information Society”. Since 2010 she has been working at the socio-psychological service of the Department of Philosophy. She is a practical sociologist, specialist in public opinion poll. She also works in the center of gender education since 2012.

Scientific work

Scientific interests: problems of adaptation of personality in conditions of information society; philosophical and sociological aspects of human interaction and information environment; gender aspects of women’s employment issues in contemporary society; problem of violence in modern society; problems of modern education.

Publications and patents

Oksana Zhydkova has number of publications, including: «IT-technology as means of women's empowerment in the information society» (2012), «Gender aspects of women';s employment problems in modern society» (2012), «Change processes of identification and identity of personality in the information society» (2013), «Open education: change of paradigm in the conditions of information society» (2014), «Gender education as a necessary component of the improvement of the higher education system» (2014), «Ethical and legal aspects of information security of the person» (2016, coauthored O. Turuta).