Oksana O. Zhidkova

Instructor of Philosophy Department, gender policy expert
Oksana O. Zhidkova

3 floor, room 364

+38 (057) 702-14-65



She graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, speciality – “System Engineer” and did postgraduate studies at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, speciality – “Philosophy of Science”.

Educational work

She worked as an education and methodology expert of Philosophy Department. Now she is an Instructor of Philosophy Department. She has been working in the Center since 2012.

Scientific work

Her research interests are personal adaptation in the informational society; philosophic and sociological aspects of interaction of a man and information environment; gender aspects of female employment in modern society; violence in modern society.

Public and international activities

She acts as aVice-chair of the Head. Department for the educational and methodical work. Is an employee at KNURE social and psychological services, from 2012 works at the Center for Gender Education KNURE.

Publications and patents

She has a number of scientific publications: “Peculiarities of Synergetic Outlook in Formation of Modern Concept of Progress” (2007), “Mass Communications in Formation of Informational Society” (2008), “Interaction of Man and Informational Environment” (2010), “Humanities in the System of Technical Education” (2011), “Evolution of Informational Society and Changes in the System of Subjectivity” (2011),”Gender Aspect in Female Employment in Modern Society” (2012).