Tatyana G. Avksentyeva

Ph.D. in Political Science, Associate Professor
Tatyana G. Avksentyeva

+38 (057) 70 21 465



winner of the "Outstanding Young Scientist of the Year" (2000) in the humanitarian sciences.


She graduated from the Faculty of History at KSU of V.N. Karazin and postgraduated from Department of Political science. Defended the Ph.D. dissertation on “Fundamentals of the stability of the political regime in Ukraine” topic by “political institutions and political processes” specialty in 1998.

Works as a senior lecturer since 1996, then – associate professor at KNURE Department of Philosophy. 

Educational work

Teaches courses “Political Science”, “political problems of contemporary society”, “philosophy”.

Scientific work

Research interests – the problem of political regimes’ stability in post-totalitarian transformations.

Publications and patents

She has over 80 scientific and methodical publications, is a co-author of the monograph "Ukrainian society in search of political life stability". Among the recent publications – following articles: "Totalitarianism as a sociocultural phenomenon: understanding problems and new challenges in the Information Age" (2009), "Efficiency as a strategic component of government in Ukraine" (2009), "Politically- institutional transformations in Ukraine: multi-vectorness, uncertainty, instability "(2010), "Understanding specificity of democratic concepts in the Information Age" (2011), "Relationship of internal stability (instability): democratization of society" (2011).