Academic and methodological work

Department provides courses of philosophic, social and humanitarian branches.

Personnel of Department pay attention to renewing educational programs of all courses and developing programs of new educational courses. On the basis of these programs, new methodological and educational recourses are created, lecture notes and textbooks are being published, and teachers of Department take part in writing textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Scientific work

Scientific research areas:

  • The research of a paradigm of post-modernism in the philosophy of science and philosophy of culture.
  • The social and cultural transformations in the process of formation of information civilization (philosophic, methodological and sociological analysis).
  • The humanization of the educational process in technical higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
  • The value orientation of the youth under the conditions of globalization and informatization of the society (Social and philosophic analysis).
  • The problems of the personality adaptation under the conditions of the information society formation (Philosophic analysis).
  • The problems of the identity transformation in the processes of globalization and informatization of the society.

Annotations courses Department of Philosophy

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