Department of Philosophy

The Philosophy Department was established in September 1969 for providing of world-view, social and political, humanitarian and methodological training of students and post-graduate students. The main goal of educational activity of department is formation of system of value orientations and social norms that define development of human civilization. Huge attention is paid to the formation of culture of thinking at students and post-graduate students, which includes scientific, technical and humanitarian knowledge and it is based on personal responsibility for the results of intellectual activity.

Activity of department is directed on graduates who will come out of walls of the University with harmonious development of personality, new generation of Ukrainian intelligentsia, national scientific and technical elite, combining special knowledge and their understanding of their world-view.

Contact information

room 362-364

+38 (057) 70-21-465

Valentyna I. Shtanko
Valentyna I. Shtanko
Head of Philosophy Department, Dr. Sc.(Philosophy), Professor

The Department functions:

  • Social and Psychological Center, which main goal is to promote the full personal and intellectual development of students and to identify the most effective forms of organization of educational process. Employees of social and psychological services conduct individual counseling and psychological training for students and staff of KNURE.
  • Center of Gender Education, which goal is to introduce the ideas of gender equality into the teaching and educational process, by strengthening a gender component in the contents of social subjects and humanities, to assist in conducting educational events, to organize the scientific research on gender topics.

The department pays attention on creation of conditions for professional development of teachers through postgraduate and doctoral programs, internships at leading universities of Ukraine.