Ivan D. Gorbenko

Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, Head of Department of Information Technology Security, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Member of the Academy of Applied Radio Electronics.
Ivan D. Gorbenko

+38 (057) 702-14-25


Honors and Awards

During the period of service in the Armed Forces Gorbenko was awarded eight medals. After his discharge from the Army he was awarded an honor of "Excellence in Education of Ukraine", the diploma of Kharkiv Council Executive Committee, the diploma of the State Special Communications Services of Ukraine, an honor of the Department of Special Telecommunication Systems and Information Security of the Security Service, an honor of "15 Years of Special Communications of Ukraine", an honor of the Ministry of Defense "Service of encryption communication and secrecy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" and Kondratyuk National Space Agency of Ukraine, honors the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, and in 2011 for services to the Ukrainian people he was awarded the diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Other information

He was born on January 21, 1946 in Budo-Makeevka village, Smelyansky district, Cherkasy region. In 1964 he graduated from high school of Makeevka with a silver medal. His hobbies are cryptology, gardening, foreign literature.


He graduated from Kharkiv Higher Command and Engineering College in 1972. He defended his PhD thesis in 1978 and doctoral thesis in 1986 specializing in “Control and Communication Systems in the Armed Forces.”

Service in the Armed Forces (1965-1992).

Professor (1992-1997).

Vice-Rector for scientific work (1997-1999).

Head of the Department of Information Technology Security, KhNURE.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Chief Designer of CJSC “Institute of Information Technology”, Kharkiv. 

Academic work

Lecture courses in the disciplines: “Applied Cryptology”, “Cryptographic Systems and Protocols”, “Design and Application of Information Security Systems”, “Technology of Creating Information Security Systems”. 

Scientific work

The main areas of Gorbenko’s research are creation, analysis and implementation of systems and information security, research and implementation of cryptographic protocols. Over the past 20 years his research interests have included the development and improvement of methods, systems, facilities, tools, protocols and cryptographic protection of information. Gorbenko is a highly qualified specialist in the field of cryptographic information protection and information security in general. He is an expert in the areas of cryptographic transformations, cryptographic systems and protocols, generation of key data, construction of modern and secure automated control systems and ITS, standardization and certification, research organization and conduction, creation of certification tests and examination of modern and secure automated control systems and ITS, organization and implementation of production systems and support systems during their operation. 


Ivan D. Gorbenko is a supervisor of 3 Doctors of Science (Technology) and 24 Candidates of Science (Technology) in speciality 05.13.21 “Information Security Systems.”

Public and international activities

ЧGorbenko is a managing editor of the journal “Applied Electronics”. Не is a member of the Council for Doctoral Dissertations D 64.052.01,the Chairman of the Academic Council D 64.052.05, a member of the scientific and methodological committee in “Information and Communication Systems Security”, an expert in the field of “National Security”, а member of the editorial board of five journals.

In the framework of international cooperation on the basis of contracts Gorbenko cooperates with the Technological Institute of Southern Federal University (Russian Federation) in Taganrog and the Institution of Higher Professional Education “Belgorod State University” (Russian Federation).

Publications and patents

Ivan. D. Gorbenko is an author of 2 books, 8 monographs, 8 teaching aids, more than 150 articles, 85 inventions and patents, 180 reports and presentations. 


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He is a supervisor of more than 50 R&D works in developing systems, facilities, tools, protocols and cryptographic protection of information.