Science and International Cooperation

The Department cooperation with the leading organizations in the field of development of Information Security Systems

Research and engineering work of the Department takes place in cooperation with the Institute of Information Technologies, one of the leading Ukrainian companies specializing in design, development and implementation of information security decisions in modern information and communication systems of various complexity and application.

The designed equipment for cryptographic security is certified according to the State Standards of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure (certificate №UA 1.112.8059-05 of 18.02.2005).

Technical means for cryptographic information security systems were approved by the State Security Services of Ukraine. Design specifications for a software-hardware system meant for implementation within Key Certification Centers are submitted for approval. The mentioned above system is being prepared for State Examination of Special Communication and Information Security Services of Ukraine.

With the help of the Department staff 7 Key Certification Centers have been developed and certified and 5 additional Key Certification Centers are waiting for approval.           

Key partners 

More than thirty state and commercial organizations entrusted the implementation of Information Security work in their departmental and corporate systems to the Information Technology Security Department in cooperation with LLC “Information Technology Institute”. The main approach of the Department in cooperation with their customers is to provide optimal, economical and rational solutions in the field of Information Security using the advanced scientific and technical achievements and meeting State and International Standards Requirements.

The most significant customers are:

  1. “Information Technology Institute”
  2. State Customs Service;
  3. Ukrainian railroad “Ukrzaliznytsya”;
  4. Dnipropetrovsk State Administration;
  5. State Service for Special Communication and Information Security of Ukraine;
  6. Interior Ministry of Ukraine
  7. National Bank of Ukraine;
  8. Oil and gas company “Naftohaz of Ukraine”;
  9. JSCB “Ukrsibbank”, “Ukrsotsbank”, “Prokredytbank”;
  10. JSCB “Hreschatyk” and other banking, state and commercial organizations. 

Scientific and Research activities of the Department

The objective of the department is to assist Ukrainian business and organizations in the development and implementation of information security systems, to help with protection of commercial, official and state secrets, in anticipation and counteraction of internal and external threats. 

Essential trends of the Department activity in creating cryptographic information security:

1. Providing information security in information and telecommunication systems:

  • design, development and support of unified information security systems;        -
  • information security for telecommunication networks;
  • systems and resources for cryptographic information security;
  • hardware for cryptographic information security;
  • systems for key generation and distribution, key certification centers (implementation of certified Key Certification Centers);
  • protection from unauthorized access;
  • protection of email and electronic document flow, etc.

2. Consulting services and security auditing:

  • investigation of information and telecommunication systems security level, risk
  • analysis, development of the company security policy and concepts, protection of other documents and projects;
  • designing security regulations;
  • utomated tools for safety evaluation and scheduling information security tasks.

 3. Personnel training:

  • providing all-round object protection and information security;
  • cryptographic systems and means for information security;
  • regulations for organization of a company information security.

The Department lecturers and scientists are the experts in the field of scientific researches, designing, developing and implementing information security solutions in up-to-date information and telecommunication systems of various levels of complexity. The Department has licenses for the  development and providing services in the field of cryptographic and technical information security. The cryptographic security tools developed by the Department in co-operation with LLC “ITI” are certified in compliance with the National Standards of Ukraine.

The main scientific and technical achievements of the Department have been approved by experts. They are:

  • hardware-software complex for cryptographic information security in “IBM Lotus”,
  • hardware random numbers generator “Gryada-3”,
  • hardware-software complex “IIT CSK-1”,
  • network cryptographic modules “IIT MKM Gryada-301” and “Barier-301”,
  • hardware certificate modules “IIT AMC Gryada-41CC” and “IIT AMP Gryada-41P”,
  • cryptographic module “Gryada-61”,
  • hardware-software tool for cryptographic information security “Electronic key “Crystal-1” and “Crystal-D” and others (over 10000 have been manufactured for  banking systems). 

Considerable developments:

  • hardware-software complex of key certification,
  • IP-traffic security complex;
  • media information security tools;
  • cryptographic information security for email and electronic document flow;
  • hardware cryptographic processor “Gryada-41”,
  • hardware module for protection from unauthorized access “Gryada-101”,
  • LAN security complex “Protected LAN-2”,
  • design and implementation of secured communication facilities and all-round information security systems.

For the last three years over 180 papers have been published by the Department researchers. The publications were presented in the All-Ukrainian scientific and technical journal “Radiotehnika”, “Applied radio electronics” and in some international editions). Scientists, post-graduate students and masters wrote about 320 scientific papers. 

Nowadays the Department of Information Technology Security graduates information security experts. The Department provides doctoral and postgraduate studies. Associate Professors R.V. Oliynykov, V.I. Ruzhentsev and A.V. Lenshin are doing their doctoral degree. In 2012 G.Z. Halimov and I.V. Lysytska became Doctors of Science (Technology). There are 17 postgraduate students at the Department.

Four doctoral and 22 candidate dissertations have been defended at the Department since 1999.

Five Professors and Associate Professors of the Department are the members of the Dissertation Council in “Information Security Systems”. The Department scientists and lecturers are also the members of the State Board of Examiners and Methodological Board of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine in the field of information security (Prof. I.D. Gorbenko, O.A. Zamula, V.I. Zabolotnyi). 

Scientific school: Methods and mechanisms, systems and tools of cryptographic information security (the research supervisor – Ivan D. Gorbenko, Dr. Sc. (Tecnology), Professor, Head of Department).

School representatives work out scientific researches, develop and implement systems for information security:

  1. Electronic digital signature system in Ukraine
  2. 7 certified Key Certification Centers and 6 registered Key Certification Centers
  3. Bank information security systems (Ukrsotsbank, Ukrsibbank, etc.)
  4. Tools and systems for information encryption over TCP/IP protocols, channels 101, 201, 301, 401
  5. All-round information security systems in various information and telecommunication systems
  6. Tools for cryptographic information security (Gryada-1,2,3,11,31,41,61,101,301, Kristal-1, Barier-301)
  7. Systems for special-purpose cryptographic information security

Postgraduate education and doctoral studies are provided for such specialities: 05.13.21 – Information Security Systems, 05.13.05 – Computer Systems and Components. Research supervisors: M.F. Bondarenko, I.D. Gorbenko, V.I. Dolgov, A.A. Zamula, R.V.Oliynykov, K.A. Pogrebnyak, O.V. Potij, G.Z. Halimov.

On the base of the agreement for International collaboration the Department cooperates with Taganrog Technological Institute of South Federal University (Russia) and Belgorod State University (Russia).

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