Department of Information Technology Security

The Department of Information Technology Security was created in 1992 when the first lecture on Information Security was read for the students of the School of Electronic Engineering. The same year Prof. I.D Gorbenko brought “Computer System Information Security” and “Data Security” courses for specialities “Computer Information Systems and Networks” and “Automated Systems Software”. Soon an “Information Security” Section was created at the Electronic Сomputers Department.

Contact information

rooms 340-346

+38 (057) 702-14-25
Геннадій Зайдулович Халімов
Gennadiy Z. Halimov
Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

In 1994 new curricula were worked out for Information Security courses and soon the corresponding disciplines were approved for the most specialities of the Computer and Information Technology Institute.

In 1995 the “Information Security in Computer Systems and Networks” specialty was introduced at the Electronic Computers Department.

In 1998 new specialities “Restricted Access Information Security and Automated Information Processing” and “Information Security in Computer Systems and Networks” were approved. In 2000 first specialists and in 2001 first masters graduated.

The “Information Technology Security” Department and “Information Security” educational research center were founded in 1999 considering the importance of this scientific concept. I.D. Gorbenko, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, Honorary Figure of Ukrainian Higher Education, was appointed as Head of the Department. And newly created Research laboratory was headed by T.O. Grinenko, a graduate of the School of Applied Mathematics and Management.

The department also includes Information Security R&D Center. Research activities are on