Nikolay Ya. Kakurin

Cand. Sc. (Technology), professor of Department of Computer Aided Design of Computers, KhNURE.
Nikolay Ya. Kakurin

+38 (057) 702-13-26

Awards and honors

Gratitude of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the execution of research project "Application of computer technology in the educational process and scientific research", Diploma of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for active participation in the organization and carring out of Ukrainian Student Olympiad on computers, for directing scientific work of students.


Running, swimming, skiing, mushroom hunting, inventing.

Additional info

Born in April, 10, 1938.


1960 – radio engineer, radio engineering faculty of Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute, specialty – design and technology of manufacture of radio, the topic of the thesis – “The receiver of compact navigation radio location station”.

1970 – Cand. of Sc. (Technology), Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics, specialty – technical cybernetics, thesis – “Questions of mikrosynthesis of logical structures”.

1977 – Faculty of teacher training at the Leningrad Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, specialty – Computers.

1966 – Assistant, 1967 – Senior Lecturer, 1973 – Associate Professor, 1996 – Professor.

Educational work

Lecture courses: electronic computers, calculation and design of elements of computers, digital computers, the introduction to specialty, arithmetic and logical basics of digital machines, the synthesis of digital machines, the theory and design of digital computers, introduction to designing of LIC, functional- oriented devices, special chapters of mathematics, applied theory of digital machines.

He prepared 1 textbook on the course “multi-valued structures”, 42 methodical instructions, the national program at the rate of electronic computers. He was the head of 132 diploma projects.

Scientific work

Research interests: applied theory of digital machines, computer-aided design. Executed a number of research topics: “Development of principles of construction of high-precision digital phase meters”, “Optimization of devices and software logic control”, “The application of computer technology in the educational process and scientific research” and others.

Supervised postgraduate training in the specialty computers, complexes, systems and networks, the elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems. 7 post-graduate students defended their theses and received a Ph.D.

Public and international activity

Deputy head of the Department of Computer Aided Design of Computers, a member of the organizing committee of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on computers, head of student scientific circles.

Publications and patents

120 publications, including 14 inventions and 3 patents. Among them:

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  2. Матрицы переходов многовходовых триггерных схем / Н.Я. Какурин / АСУ и приборы автоматики. 1993. Вып.99. – С.10-21.
  3. Четырехшаговый преобразователь кода на регистрах сдвига / Н.Я. Какурин, А.Н. Макаренко // Проблемы бионики. 1999. Вып. 50. – С.195-200.