About the faculty

General information

The school unites 140 Professors and staff (76 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors, 25 Doctors of Science, Professors), and 1,200 students.
The School of Computer Engineering and Control was founded in 1963 at Kharkiv Institute of Mining Engineering, Automation and Computer Engineering, and at first it was named the Computer Science School (CSS).
In 1966 (when the institute was renamed Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics) the training of engineers began on the basis of the CSS by specialties “Mathematical and Computing Devices” (from 1969 – “Electronic Computers”), “Applied Mathematics” and “Computers Design”.
In 1995, the School received its present name.

Now the School includes four departments:
– Department of Digital Design Automation;
– Department of Information Technology Security;
– Department of Electronic Computers;
– Department of Philosophy.


The School provides training in three majors for Bachelor Degrees, Specialist Degrees and Master Degrees:
– 6.050102 «Computer Engineering»:
    7.05010201, 8.05010201 «Computer Systems and Networks»;
    7.05020202, 8.05020202 «System Software Development»;
    7.05010203, 8.05010203 «Specialized Computer Systems»;
– 6.170101 «Security of Information and Communication Systems»:
    7.17010101, 8.17010101 «Security of Information and Communication Systems»;
    7.17010102, 8.17010102 «Security of State Information Resources»).

There are ten modern problem-oriented laboratories at the school. Students undergo training abroad (in Russia, England, France, Germany, Sweden, USA, Korea, Norway, Poland) according the training programs of leading world universities, while about 300 students from foreign countries are learning in KhNURE. The courses are taught in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Science and international cooperation

For the last ten years teachers and scientists of the School have published 4,500 articles and reports in scientific and technical journals, issued 50 monographs and textbooks. 95 Candidates of Science and Doctors of Science have been prepared. The School closely cooperates with leading companies of the world IT industry, including “Kaspersky Lab” (Russia), «JTAG Technologies» (Netherlands), «NIX Solutions» (United Kingdom), «Synopsys», «Cadence», «Aldec Inc.», «Mentor Graphics», «Intel», «DataArt» (USA). Scientists maintain scientific ties and carry out joint projects with colleagues from 61 countries (Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Egypt, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Spain, USA). The high level of education, international cooperation with specialized companies and universities, the latest teaching methods and teachers’ competence, IT industry management – all these factors provide for the young people’s motivated desire to become proficient in technological culture.

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