Department of Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Appliances

Department of Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Appliances is the leading in the eastern region of Ukraine on preparation of experts in the field of electronic technologies and element base of electronics. 

Contact information

Room 212

+38 (057) 702 13 62

Igor N. Bondarenko

Head of the Department
Igor N. Bondarenko

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Main functions

The department has more than half a century of experience in preparation of qualified specialists. Since 2007, carried preparation bachelors and masters in new directions: micro- and nanoelectronics, electronic devices and systems, the most important part of the field of knowledge - electronics.

The department was founded in 1963 as a department of electronic devices, since 1996 - it has the modern name.

Areas of scientific activity of faculty are related to the development of new electronic devices of different purposes based on thin-film structures, including quantum-dimensional; electrodeless microwave diagnostics of materials, environments and technical objects of physical and technological aspects of nanoelectronics.