Andrej N. Litvinenko

Associate Professor, PhD in Physical Education and Sport, Associate Professor, Honored Coach of Ukraine, the Coach of the highest category, a coach in kickboxing, karate, thai boxing
Andrej N. Litvinenko

+38 (057) 702-13-28

Awards and honors

In 2011 he was awarded with by the 2nd prize in the category Kharkov Regional Administration «Best Coach of 2011» for non-Olympic sports.

Additional information

He was born on 17.01.1965


1990 – he graduated from Kharkov State Pedagogical Institute

Educational work

He conducts in for 1-5 year students Physical Education.

Scientific work

Research interests: elite sport, synergy, eastern philosophy. In 2011 he defended his thesis in Olympic and Professional Sport, «Customization of technical and tactical training of skilled karate-based models of competitive activity». He is working at the PhD dissertation.

Sports work

He is the head Coach of Kharkov Region in kickboxing WTKA. Under his leadership, the team of KhNURE Karate has won the sports contest among students ofKharkovregion9 times.

Public and international activities

The President of the Kharkov Regional Federation of Kickboxing WTKA, Kharkov Regional Federation Goju-ryu Karate, Martial Arts Federation of Kharkov.

He has prepared 27 winners of the European and World Championships, one Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, 4 Masters of Sports of International Class, 21 Masters of Sports of Ukraine, 93 Master of Sports of Ukraine.

Publications and patents

He has published 37 scientific papers in various aspects of athletic training in the martial arts, as well as optimize the learning process in higher education.