Students of the 1-5th years of studies are trained at the Department. The Department works in three directions:

  • basic sport groups;
  • advanced sport groups;
  • special medical groups.

Basic sport groups are divided into nine sport specializations, which improves the efficiency of the learning process and increases classes attendance by students.

Advanced sport groups can choose from 30 kinds of sports. Some of our university teams are the champions and the winners of Ukraine, Europe and the world.

Special medical groups are divided by classes of diseases: cardio-vascular diseases, diseases of internal organs and visual organs, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which allows to make classes personal and more effective in terms of students’ rehabilitation.

Students of all years of studies take a course of lectures on the theory and methodology of physical training.

Scientific work

Research area of the Department – impact of exercise on human performance.

All teachers of the Department are involved in research work. The Department cooperates with universities in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Research results and their practical application in the educational process are regularly published in international and Ukrainian special editions. As a result of the research on the subject two theses were defended for the academic degree of Candidate of Science (Physical Training and Sports). Teachers of the Department supervise students participating in the contest of student scientific works, where our students become winners.

Over the last year 16 articles and a textbook have been published by the Department, 4 of them in international journals.

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