Yuri P. Мachekhin

Dr. Sc. (Technology), Professor, head of the Physical Foundations of Electronic Technology (PFEE) Department of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE), Academician of The Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics (AS ARE).
Yuri P. Мachekhin

+38 057 70-21-484


Awards and honours

Winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology (1998). He has a state award for “Merits in Standardization and Metrology" (1999) and an honorary diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine (2010).

Additional information

Born June 23, 1949 in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR.


1971 – engineering radio physicist, Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, School of Electronics;

1973 – engineer of the Computing Center of Kharkiv State Scientific Research Institute of Metrology (KSSRIM);

1975 – junior researcher of KSSRIM;

1981 – Cand. Sc. (Technology). Thesis: “Interaction of electromagnetic waves with plasma-beam periodic structures”;

1982 – senior researcher in KSSRIM;

1991 – Head of the research laboratory in the research production association “Metrology”;

1997 – Head of the research department in the research production association “Metrology”;

2001 – Deputy Director for metrological service and international activities of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Metrology”;

2004 – Associate Professor, Department of Metrology and Measurement Engineering, KhNURE;

2005 – Head of the research laboratory, National Scientific Center “Institute of Metrology”;

2006 – Dr. Sc. (Technology). Thesis: “Development of scientific foundations of frequency stabilized lasers and their metrological assurance”;

2006 – Head of the Department of Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering;

2012 – Professor of the Department of Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering.

Academic work

Lecture courses: “Laser Precision Devices”, “Optoelectronic and Precision Devices”, “Technology of Optical Parts and Units Manufacturing”, “Technology of Lasers Manufacturing”, “Technology of Lasers Application” and “Technology of Optoelectronic Equipment Manufacturing”.

Scientific work

Yuri P. Мachekhin was the first to conduct detailed and theoretic study of development conditions for dynamic chaos regime gas lasers of ionization waves in active environments. In order to establish measurement standards of the unit of length based on optical frequency standards he conducted scientific researches in the field of laser physics. Yuri P. Мachekhin investigated physical laws and principles of frequency stabilization in gas, semiconductor and solid state chip lasers, determined optimal conditions of forming natural bench marks for frequency stabilization of He-Ne lasers. In 1994 he scientifically substantiated, prepared and organized the participation of Ukraine in international comparisons of national standards of length units (He-Ne/127I2 laser) of the countries participating in the Meter Convention. He was the first to carry out studies in the theory of measurements in view of synergetic and chaotic processes influence on uncertainty of measurements. He developed the principles of metrological assurance of lasers as a means of measuring length and scientifically supported the establishment of the State standard of the length unit of Ukraine on the group laser standard base.

Prof. Yuri P. Мachekhin has more than once conducted scientific research within European Union programs in the field of laser and optical precision measuring equipment.

Public and international activities

Member of the specialized councils on defending doctoral dissertations in KhNURE and NSC “Institute of Metrology”. Member of the editorial board of the “Applied Radio Electronics” and “Lighting and Electricity” journal.

Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics.

Publications and patents

Y. Machekhin published over 200 articles and abstracts, 1 collective monograph, got 15 copyright certificates of the USSR and patents of Ukraine. His main scientific works are:

  1. Y. Machekhin. Physical models of measurement results analysis//Measurement equipment.- 2005. – № 6 - p. 25-30.
  2. Y. Machekhin. Source of high-stable laser radiation in the range of 1.5 μm //Journal of Applied Radio Electronics. -2005.-No 2, p. 236-240.
  3. Y. Machekhin. Basic principles of construction of fiber-optical registration system of methane in the air//Journal of Applied Radio Electronics. -2005.-No. 3.- p. 326-331.
  4. Monograph: Y.P. Machekhin, A.M. Negrijko, L.P. Yatsenko, V.S. Soloviev. Optical frequency standards. Part 1. He-Ne/I2 lasers, practice of creation and operation. //Kharkiv, Collegium, 2010, 144 p.