History of Biomedical engineering department (BME)

In 1966 Technical Electronics Department was established at the School of Electronics. The Technical Electronics Department was a pioneer in introducing television in the training process.

In 1982 the Department became the first specialized department in Ukraine in a new speciality “Electronic Medical Equipment” and began to do research works for the needs of health care. In total since 1982 it has given a start in life for more than 1200 specialists and masters of the medical and engineering major.

During 1991-1996 M.P. Mustetsov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Associate Professor was the head of the Department. He made great efforts to develop methodological and laboratory facilities and to computerize the educational process. He trained a group of young teachers.

In 1991 the Department was called Biomedical Electronics Department. During next five years, it was joined together with one of the leading university Departments – Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Electronics Department – which for a long time taught the basics of electrical engineering and electronics to more than half of university students. Its heads were Associate Professor V. Luzhanov, Professor V. Smelyakov, Associate Professor A. Bykh.

In 1996 the Biomedical Electronics Department was renamed the Department of Biomedical Electronic Devices and Systems (BME), and Prof. A. Bykh, a specialist in physical and biomedical electronics, headed it. In 2012 the Department was called Biomedical Engineering Department (BME) according to the name of an international major.

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