Department of Biomedical Engineering

The BME Department prepares bachelors in Biomedical engineering area of training and masters and specialists in Informational technologies in biomedicine speciality.

Contact information

room 445

+38 (057) 702 13 64

Head of BME Department
Oleg G. Avrunin

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Main functions

Biomedical engineering combines engineering approaches to the solution of scientific and engineering problems with the achievements of medical and biological sciences for the improvement of human health, quality of life. This modern branch of science provides applied research and solves the problem of creating specialized electronic tools for processing of biosignals, medical imaging, modeling and determining the conditions of the therapeutic effects, etc.

Biomedical Engineering (BMI) is closely combines the separate sections of electrical, chemical, mechanical and optical engineering with a common object of activity – development of methods and technical means to study the living substance.

The department trains students (bachelor, specialist, master) in the major 6.051402 "Biomedical Engineering", specialities 7.05140201, 8.05140201 - "Biomedical Engineering", 7.05140203, 8.05140203 - "Information Technology in Biomedicine".

Scientific directions of the department:

  • studies in microprocessor and microcontroller systems,
  • medical imaging and signals,
  • development of software and hardware neurosurgical systems,
  • informational technologies in medicine,
  • mathematical modeling and instrumentation in medicine,
  • development of biomedical systems,
  • optimization of development of digital-analog devices,
  • electrochemiluminescence and nanophotonics,
  • formation and analysis of acoustic fields of natural and anthropogenic origin.

Brief description of the department of BME