Science and international cooperation
The scientific direction of the Department is development and introduction of progressive information, resource-saving and environmentally safe technologies, namely:

  • High technology and manufacturing automation in radio electronic instrumentation;
  • Intellectual processes and production;
  • Microsystems technique and technologies;
  • Diagnosis in technology of electronic device manufacturing;
  • Research and testing of materials, components for electronic device manufacturing;
  • Flexible computerized systems and robotics systems;
  • Robotics and mechatronics;
  • The technology of fiber-optic communication systems and automation control of components;
  • Computer-aided design of technological purpose (processes, databases, information retrieval systems).

The Department Taprom created and actively functioning student Design and Technology Bureau “Robotics and Mechatronics”, whose efforts create several prototypes of mobile robots, which are exhibited at the exhibitions of national and international level.

At the Department there is a problem scientific research laboratory of “Microelectromechanical and micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems” (MEMS and MOEMS PLMS), whose main tasks are: carrying out scientific research works in the field of manufacturing of MEMS and MOEMS components; methods of forming and controlling their physical chemical properties in order to improve the quality and reliability of microsystems technology components, advanced communication systems; assistance in improving the educational process at the Department by attracting students to carry out research at PLMS, the use of their results in the educational process and the organization of the course and diploma projects.

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