Volodymyr O. Storozhenko

Professor, Dr. Sc. (Technology), Head of the Physics Department, a member of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics
Volodymyr O. Storozhenko

+38 057 70 21 345


Honors and awards

Over the past ten years he was a winner of the regional competitions "Higher School – the Best Names " twice, as Dean and Head of the Department. He was awarded a Certificate "For Special Services to the Ukrainian People" by the Ukrainian Government (2005), as well as the Ministry of Education Medal "For Excellent Studies".

More information

Hobbies: communicating with students, soccer, outdoor sports.


He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, KhNURE in 1969 (then – HIRE), majoring in industrial electronics. He defended his Ph.D. thesis in 1980, and the doctoral dissertation in 1994.

Academic work

Lecture course on “Physics” for training students of the specialities “Security of Information and Communication Systems” and “Software Engineering”.

Scientific work

Research interests – physical methods of nondestructive testing of materials and products, namely the thermal control method, thermography. He is a well-known specialist in this area in Ukraine and abroad (Russia, France, Canada, Germany, Hungary, etc.).

Scientific and technical achievements: he created the theoretical basis of thermal inspection, which allows to solve production problems for the detection of hidden defects (voids, cracks, fiber) in a variety of multi-layer composite structures.

He suggested the principles of optimization of thermal control procedures that enhance reliability of the results and the sensitivity to defect detection.

Publications and patents

He is the author of more than 160 scientific works: two monographs, 8 textbooks(coauthored), 8 foreign publications. His main publications are:

  • Вавилов В.П., Волчек А.Д., Стороженко В.А. Неразрушающий контроль качества промышленной продукции активным тепловым методом. – Киев: «Техника». – 1988.– 127с.
  • Стороженко В.А., Маслова В.А. Термография в диагностике и неразрушающем контроле. – Харьков:Компания СМИТ.– 2004.– 160 с.
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