Anatoliy I. Kozar

Professor, Dr. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics)
Anatoliy I. Kozar

+38 057 70 21 345


He graduated from the Radio Physics School of Kharkiv State University in December, 1964. In 1971 he defended his candidate dissertation thesis, as a disciple of a famous Soviet scientist Professor N. Khizhnyak (Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology). In 2010 he defended his doctoral dissertation.

Academic work

Lecture course on “Physics” for “Computer Engineering” students.

Scientific work

His research interests include resonant scattering of electromagnetic waves by spatial grids of magnetodielectric bodies. Scientific and technical achievements: he defended his candidate and doctoral dissertations, participated in international conferences, published reports in the collections of scientific papers. For a long time he headed the Prof N. Khizhnyak’s scientific seminar.

Publications and patents

He is the author of 60 scientific papers. His main publications are:

  1. Електромагнетизм. Хвилі, Оптика: Навчальний посібник./упор. Українець М.І., Ткаченко Т.Б., Козарь А.І., Калінін В.В. та ін. –Харків, 2005, ХНУРЕ. –164 с.
  2. Квантова та ядерна фізика: Навч.посібник/Упор.: М.І. Українець, Т.Б. Ткаченко, А.І. Козарь та ін. – Харків, 2005, –124 с.
  3. Козарь А.И. Числовой ряд Фибоначчи и рассеяние электромагнитных волн системой плоских однослойных решеток резонансных магнитодиэлектрических сфер. Радиотехника: Всеукр.межвед.научно-технич. Сб. – 2003. – Вып.135. – С.68- 74.
  4. A.Kozar. Structure Functions of Electromagnetic Field Coupling in a Cavity Filled by Resonance-Size Magnetodielectric Spheres. Telecommunication and Radio Engineering. – 2004. – Vol.61, No.5. – P. 363-381.
  5. A.Kozar. Structural Function Development for Electromagnetic Interactions in the System of Multiple Resonant Magnetodielectric Sphere. Telecommunication and Radio Engineering. – 2005. – Vol.63, No.10. – P. 1-17.