Department of Physics

The Physics Department has been created since the foundation of the university.


room 421, 422

+380 (057) 702 13 45

Volodymyr O. Storozhenko

Head of Department
Volodymyr A. Storozhenko

Dr. Sc. (Technology),Professor, Member of the Academy of Applied Radio Electronics

Main functions

The department provides basic physics course in almost all bachelor areas of training involved in KhNURE.

In the post-graduate and doctoral studies there are specialty:

  • 05.11.13 - apparatus and methods of control and determination of the composition of matter (the supervisor V.A. Storozenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);
  • 01.04.03 - Radio Physics (supervisor O. Lazorenko, doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor).

Scientific directions of the department:

  • thermography and thermal non-destructive testing;
  • resonant crystals of small magneto-dielectric spheres in the external electrodynamic environment;
  • cavitation heat generators.