Olga V. Grygorjeva

Instructor, Department of Design and Operation of Electronic Devices, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.



Additional information

Born October 25, 1960


Graduated from Kharkiv University of Radio Electronics in 1982 (School of Design of Radio and Computing Devices), specializing in “Design and Technology of Radio Electronic Devices”. She was an engineer at Shevchenko Enterprise for 11 years.

Educational work

At the Department she works as the Head of the university laboratory and a lecturer on subjects: Design and Technology of Radio Electronic Devices, Element Base, Theoretical Foundations of Design and Reliability.

Supervised more than 30 graduate students.

Scientific work

She is a post-graduate student of KhNURE (speciality 05.13.13) “Computer aids, systems and networks”.

Field of scientific interest: development of dimensions rendering devices.

Public and international activities

She is in charge of the compliance assessment of diploma projects and supervises employment assistance and internship.