Abramenko Vladimir Nikitovich

Managing the activity of Cossack Orthodox Voluntary Brigade


Graduated from faculty of construction engineering of radio equipment in 1978. In present he is a head of Cassack Orthodox Voluntary Brigade and Kharkiv Federation of Kickboxing.
After graduation from KIRE some years he worked at the department of microelectronics. Then he was enrolled to service of internal affairs where he worked up to 1990. Soon he became the head of international enterprise oPolyoto u state structure exporting military and aviation production into Third World countries. In present he works at the one of the substructures od th Supreme Rada of Ukraine and takes part in political and social activity. Leads the Federation of Kickboxing of Kharkiv Region and managing the activity of Cossack Orthodox Voluntary Brigade u unique organization, which consolidate orthodox and youth traditions of cossacks.