Engineering of Embedded Control System (EECS)

The DOED Department was established in 1963.


building «E», room 400

+38 (057) 702-14-94

Head of Department

Olexandr Y. Panchenko

Main functions

The department provides training for the qualification of Bachelor, Specialist and Master.
Bachelor is in the direction of radio-electronic devices (6.050902). The training of specialists (7.05090201) and Masters (8.05090201) is the specialty of radio electronic devices and means. Duration of study: Bachelor - 4 years, Specialist, Master - 5 years.

The main scientific direction of the department - Intelligent electronic means. It includes:

  • methods and tools for creating smart devices based on microcontrollers,
  • sensing devices and EA based on them,
  • the firmware interfaces with control of electronic devices through information and communication networks,
  • sound systems,
  • virtual diagnosis of electronic devices,
  • Programmable Logic Controllers.