Course of study

The following disciplines are provided: life safety, basics of occupational safety, safety and health at work, civil defense studies.

Science and International Cooperation

The scientific direction of the department: mathematical modeling of ergatic systems and the development of technical facilities for health and safety at work in technological and industrial processes.
The department conducts scientific research in the following fields:

  1. research and development of a hardware and software complex to monitor harmful emissions and radiation of industrial enterprises; supervisor – B.V. Dzyundzyuk, Dr. Sc. (Technology);
  2. improvement of the environmental safety of lubricating cooling liquid and the continuation of its exploitation in process lines of big length; supervisor – N.L. Berezutskaya, Cand. Sc (Technology);

The department conducts the students’ research work in the following directions:

  1. modeling of ergatic systems; supervisor – B.V. Dzyundzyuk, Dr. Sc. (Technology);
  2. development of protection systems against electromagnetic radiation; supervisor – T.E. Stytsenko, Assistant Professor.

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