The following disciplines are provided: life safety, basics of occupational safety and civil defense, occupational safety in the field and safety in emergency situations.

Scientific and international activities

The scientific direction of the department is: mathematical modeling of ergatic systems and the development of technical facilities for ensure the safety of technological and industrial processes.

The department works in the following scientific directions:

  1. Development and optimization of technological protection measures of people from effect of electromagnetic radiation – T.E. Stytsenko, Assistant Professor
  2. Researches of modern technologies of environment protection – N.L. Berezutskaya, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  3. Problem of decline of acoustic noise and vibration in the production and exploitation of radioelectronic facilities – Mamontov A.V., Assistant Professor

The department works in the following scientific and research directions of students:

  1. Application of synergetics to the management of occupational safety on enterprises – supervisor Proniuk A.V., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  2. Research and estimation of technogenic risk in the ergatic systems – supervisor Ayvazov V.A., Assistant Professor
  3. Application of the newest information technologies in organization of safety management of enterprises – supervisor Serdyuk N.N., Assistant
  4. Research of effect of negative factors of environment on a man health – supervisor Hondak I.I., Assistant Professor

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