About the faculty

General information

The faculty is created in 1971 when the radio engineering faculty has been divided into two: radio engineering and designing of radio apparatus. Per 1977 the faculty has been renamed into faculty of designing of the radio and computing apparatus.

In 1999 the faculty has received the name «Electronic apparatus» and began education from specialties «Household electronic apparatus», «Manufacturing of electronic means», «Biotechnical medical apparatus and systems», «Technologies and means of telecommunications».

Since 2007 the faculty started to educate for specialists on new directions – «Radio-electronic apparatus» and «Automation and computer – integrated technologies». Since 2010 the future specialists and masters seize such specialties: ‘Radio-electronic apparatus and means”, “Automated complexes of radio-electronic manufacturing”, “Intellectual technologies microsystem radio-electronic techniques» (a direction «Radio-electronic apparatus), «Automated management by technological processes» и «Computer – integrated technological processes and manufacturing» («Automation and it computer -integrated technologies»). Introduction of education on new specialties, directions of scientific researches of the faculties, the educational laboratories created on faculties became the basis for change in 2011 of the name on faculty of automatics and computerized technologies (ACT}) and transfers on faculty in 2012 education of students of a direction «System engineering».

At faculty are created student’s design office – «Robotics and Mechatronics» (department of technology and automation of manufacturing REM and ECM) and “Designer” (department of designing and operation of electronic apparatus), industrial practice centers “Khartron-Energo” and “Askon”.

Now the faculty totals 121 teacher and the employee (56 candidates of sciences and assoc. prof., 19 doctors of sciences, professors) and 550 students.

The faculty unites 4 departments: technologies and automation of manufacture REM and ECM (the manager prof., Doct. of Techn.  Sc. Nevljudov I.S.), designing and operation of electronic apparatus (the manager assoc. prof., PhD of Techn. Sc. Kljuchnik I.I.), physics (the manager  prof., Doct. of Techn.  Sc. Storozhenko V.O.), labour safeties (the manager  prof., Doct. of Techn.  Sc. Dzjundzjuk B.V.).


Science and international cooperation

Scientific directions of faculty: development and introductions progressive information, save up resource and ecologically safe technologies; intellectual radio-electronic means.

Recently departments of faculty fruitfully cooperate with the international universities, the enterprises and firms, among which Robinson college of the Cambridge university (Great Britain), EchoStar (USA), Jabil (USA), Phoenix Contact (Germany), Siemens PLM Software (Germany), LG Electronics Wroclaw (Poland), InterMeсh, Minsk (Byelorussia).

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