Faculty of Automa­tion and Computer Technologies

The main task of faculty - education of specialists which are capable to organize management of technical, technological and business objects, to provide automation of activity in different spheres of managing and a life, to create and serve the automated systems, technologies and manufactures, on the basis of knowledge modern CAD/CAM systems of computer modeling, designing and management, to create, produce and maintain radio-electronic apparatus and means of automatics of various assignment, including any radio engineering devices, the industrial electronic equipment, robotic  complexes, the medical equipment, home appliances, infocommunication means, the microprocessor and computing equipment, personal computers, bank, office and other radio-electronic equipment.


Buiding «І», room 303

+38 (057) 702-13-16


Olexandr I. Filipenko
Olexandr I. Filipenko
The Dean, Dr. of Sc. (Technology), Member of the Academy of Applied Radio Electronics of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-3886-9057
Scopus: 6603262903
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The main functions

The ACT faculty is carries out preparation of specialists on two specialities.

Bachelor level:

Specialty 151 – Automation and computer-integrated technologies.

  • Educational program «Automation and computer-integrated technologies».
  • Educational program «System engineering».
  • Educational program «Automation and computer-integrated resource-saving technologies. Alternative energy sources»
  • Educational program «Automation and computer-integrated technologies for oil and gas production»
  • Specialty 172 – Telecommunication and Radio Techniques.
  • Educational program «Radio-electronic devices»
  • Educational program «Radio-electronic devices of embedded systems».

Master level:

Specialty 151 – Automation and computer-integrated technologies.


  • «Automated control of technological processes».
  • «Computer-integrated technological processes and manufacturing».
  • «Computerized and robotic systems»
  • «Computerized Automation and Control Systems»

Specialty 172 – Telecommunication and Radio Techniques.


  • «Intellectual technologies for micro-system radio-electronic devices»
  • «Radio Electronic Devices and Tools»
  • «Automated systems of electronic industries»

Faculties of faculty have branches: 1) SME «Khartron-Energo LTD.»; 2) MA “Komunar”; the Research institute of technology of instrument making (NITIP); 3) the Kharkov regional management of National bank of Ukraine (KhRM NBU); 4) MM of the State Exchequer of Ukraine in the Kharkov area; 5) PE “Vega-95″; 6) scientific research institute of Transport of gas; 7) Company «Jabil Circuit Ukraine», Uzhgorod; 8) SDF of T.G. Shevchenko; 9) Company “Kriptomash “, Kharkov; 10) SME “VECTOR”, Kharkov; 11) the Kharkov CB of Mechanical engineering of O. Morozov; 12) Company “TechnoArt”, Kharkov; 13) STSDB “Polycvit” branch SSME «Association Komunar»; 14) PE “Alstar”; 15) DB “Proton”; 16) SMA “VERTICAL”; 17) Institute of scintillation materials, Kharkov.