Editorial and Publishing Department

The Еducational and Scientific, Publishing and Polygraphic Centre of National University of Radio Electronics (the ESPPC) was founded in 1997 to increase the efficiency of publishing of the University, to provide the academic studies by necessary methodological literature and in connection with introducing the polygraphic speciality in the institution. It includes two departments: Computer and Publishing Department and Productive Department.


    EPD, Room 113 D, 14

    +38 (057) 702 18 55


    Head of the Center
    Vladimyr N. Andreev

    Directions of activity

    The ESPPC in full provides the university with textbooks, training aids, methodological guides and recommendations, compendium of lectures; collected articles, materials of conferences, selling aids, booklets etc., forms; doctoral and candidate’s abstracts are prepared for publishing and printing, besides the university newspaper “The Quantum” is released.

    The ESPPC is the centre of practical training for students majoring in printing and publishing, studying at the Department of Media Systems and Technologies.

    Types of printed editions:

    • academic, teaching aids and reference editions;
    • scientific editions: monographs, scientific journals, collected articles, theses of conference reports;
    • various forms, advertisements and booklets.

    The Еducational and Scientific, Publishing and Polygraphic Centre has a professional and modern level of publication. In 2003 the ESPPC was included in the National Register of Publishers, manufacturers and distributors of publishing products (Certificate DK № 1409 of 26.06. 2003 issued by the National Television and Broadcasting Committee of Ukraine).

    ESPPC provides the following services:

    • translation;
    • editing;
    • proofreading;
    • typesetting;
    • positioning;
    • scanning;
    • computer-aided electronic image processing;
    • design;
    • production of book layouts;
    • production of business cards;
    • printing;
    • binding;
    • production of various forms.