Information and Computer Center (ICC)

The KhNURE information  and computer center was established on the base of the vacuum tube computer “Minsk-14″. It was one of the first computer centers in the system of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


    room 136

    +38 (057) 70 21 647

    Olexandr B. Kolodiazhnyi

    Head of the ICC
    Olexandr B. Kolodiazhnyi

    Main functions

    The computer center is the base of training specialists for the computer centers of other enterprises. Earlier, many of its employees headed the CCs of various higher educational establishments and enterprises.

    Considerable work done by the ICC  departments  is of significant impotence for  the existence of the KhNURE:

    • the Automated Control  System “VUZ” develops, introduces  and maintains the systems "Abiturient", "TSDP", "Studbilet", "Diplom", various data bases and ministerial reporting forms;
    • the centre of controlling the university network develops, maintains and administers the KhNURE  corporate network  and the “Internet” network channel;
    • the sector of maintaining  educational process and the programming department  carry out the main  organizational and methodological work with users of computer aids, plans  and organizes  educational process at the ICC;
    • the sector of maintenance repairs and  maintains the computer aids of  the ICC and many departments and services.

    In its formation and development the ICC of the Kharkiv National University of Radio passed through the system of alternations of EC generations, beginning with room-sized vacuum tube ECs to present-day high-speed personal computers.

    At present the ICC has 15 computer classes the facilities of which meet present-day requirements and can satisfy user’s requirements at most. Classes with students of the university, attendants of the refresher training and pre-university education centers, learners who seek to get a second higher educational diploma are conducted in the ICC.

    The upgraded equipment in the EC halls allows to use the most up-to-date products in educational process. At present almost all the software installed in the ICC is duly licensed.

    The ICC local area network, that at first interconnected only class-rooms, has been changing and extending for many years. At present it is a common developed corporate network interconnecting all the structural unit of the university and allows to coordinate the work of the higher educational establishment. The KhNURE corporate network has some 1700 servers and workstations.

    Communication in the Internet global network in the university is realized through three dedicated channels having a total capacity of over 200 Mbits. The availability of the three channels is conditioned by a common objective – providing maximum reliability of the connection. The providers, that supply the given servers, have dedicated outer channels, both forward and parity. All this allows to reliably maintain the operation of the network as for both educational process and users – the KhNURE employees.

    The work with absolutely all Internet network services within the university corporate network is done at the expense of the KhNURE means.

    Licensed software is installed on the servers of antivirus network support. The products of the firms Semantec and ESET are used. The antivirus bases of these servers are regularly upgraded.

    The file exchange server allows the KhNURE teachers, employees and students to exchange and store data. The teachers have an opportunity to store and use methodological materials during education process that is carried out in both the ICC class-rooms and laboratories of the departments, students have a chance to store laboratory and practical work done.

    The operation of KhNURE corporate network is realized due to an specialized cable system.  All the of KhNURE buildings and the most loaded network sections are interconnected with the help of fiber-optic lines having a capacity of 1 GB.  The departments, dean’s offices, laboratories and departments are interconnected through lines that allow to operate at a speed of 100 - 1000 Mbits.

    The work of the multimedia rooms  is done at a   guaranteed speed with  of  connection with  an Internet   end-user  through a  dedicated line, which  allows  the KhNURE  students and teachers to do work within the limits of many  international projects.


    • Olexandr B. Kolodiazhnyi , head of  the ICC.
    • Volodymyr V.  Zykov, chief engineer of the ICC.
    • Lyudmila P. Gladka, deputy head of the ICC.