Access to Public Information

Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics provides public information being governed by the Law of Ukraine on Access to Public Information, Presidential Decree Issues of enforcement authorities access to public information and the Regulations on access to public information in the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics from 29.05.2013.

The University runs providing public information in response to a request for information.

When submitting a request for information in an electronic or written form, it must include:

  • Name and surname of the requestor, mailing address or e-mail address, and telephone number;
  • Description of the requested information (type, name, details or the content of the document with respect to which the request is made);
  • Signature and date.


The mailing address for submission of the request for information:

Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics
Lenin ave., 14, Kharkov 61166, Ukraine
To the person responsible for requests for information (write on the envelope: «Public Information»)

phone: (057) 702-10-13;
fax: (057) 702-10-13;

Calculating the cost of paid services of copying or printing documents, which are available on request for public information, is performed in accordance with  the Order №31, 23.01.2017

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