About the Press-center

Dear workers of the mass-media!

And all who for whatever reason are interested in this section of the website of the university.

Our Press-center always provides you with up-to-date information on all events and activities that will take place in our university.

You can learn about the history of KhNURE and its outstanding graduates, about nowadays of the university and those who train future professionals in the field of electronics, radio physics, computer science, telecommunications and other high-tech research and applied areas.

Interesting news will be released not only in the newscasts of this site, but also in the materials of the university newspaper «Quantum», and in video items of the television center of KhNURE.

Organizational issues

In all matters relating to the interview with the rector of KhNURE, any official comments or photographing on the territory of KhNURE, please, send in advance your request via e-mail or call the Press-center.

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