Members of the University Administration

  1. Acting RectorEduard U. Rubin
  2. Pro-rector on scientific and pedagogical work – Nataliya S. Lesnaya
  3. Pro-rector on international cooperation – Murad A. Omarov
  4. Pro-rector on scientific work – Nikolay I. Slipchenko
  5. Pro-rector on administrative work – Yevgeny A. Krasnokutsky
  6. Chief Accountant – Ganna I. Lopina
  7. Deputy Chief Accountant for Planning and Financing – Inna O. Lyubimova
  8. Dean of Automation and Computer Technologies Faculty – Olexandr I. Filipenko
  9. Dean of Computer Engineering and Control Faculty – Volodymyr I. Hahanov
  10. Dean of Computer Sciences Faculty – Andriy L. Erokhin
  11. Dean of Applied Mathematics and Management Faculty – Volodymyr O. Doroshenko
  12. Dean of Radio Engineering Faculty – Sergiy M. Sakalo
  13. Dean of Electronic Engineering Faculty – Anatoliy V. Vasyanovych
  14. Dean of Telecommunications and Instrumentation Faculty - Olexandr M. Poponin
  15. Deputy Dean of Training Faculty  for Foreign Citizens– Tamara P. Tsapko
  16. Head of the Center of Post-University Training  – Zoya V. Dudar
  17. Head of the Center of Correspondence Studies – Andrey V. Frolov
  18. Deputy Head of Correspondence Studies Center in the Training and Consulting Centers – Igor V. Prasol
  19. Head of the Center of Distance Education Technologies – Viktor I. Kauk
  20. Head of the Education Center in English – Valery A. Gorbachev
  21. Head of the Legal Department – Iryna A. Polhovska
  22. Chair of the Trade Union Committee for Employees – Igor I. Klyuchnyk
  23. Academic Secretary – Alexander M. Tsymbal


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