The Academic Council

The Academic Council of the University is a collegial management body. Chairman of the Academic Council is the rector of the university. The Academic Council includes vice-rectors, deans, academic secretary, director of the Science Library, the chief accountant, the chairman of the trade union committee of employees, and elected representatives of the scientific and pedagogical workers and other categories. Significant representation (at least 10 percent) as part of the Academic Council are undergraduate and graduate students. Elected representatives from students are elected by the Conference Student Senate, which operates at the university.

The Academic Council decides the main issues of educational and research activities of the University, examines and approves the prospects for its development, assesses the performance of the structural units, annually takes estimates of income and expenditure of the University, electes to the positions of heads of departments and professors, takes training programs and plans, supplies to the supreme collective body of public authorities (staff conference) draft charter of the University and the changes to it, considers other issues of statutory activities of the University.

Also, issues concerning the conditions of students’ learning, living in the dorms, recreation, leisure and sport take an important place in the work of the Academic Council.

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