Erasmus Mundus

Please note that the 2014 Erasmus Mundus program transformed into Erasmus: + Learning mobility:  navchalna-mobilnist.html

Accordingly, the Erasmus Mundus Action 1 Masters went to Erasmus: + Step mobility – Masters:

Erasmus Mundus Action 2 passed with certain changes in Erasmus: + Credit mobility:

Mobility of students and teachers is one of the basic principles of modern European education. Education, training and research abroad enriches individual experience, makes it possible to learn more about other models of creation and dissemination of knowledge, allows to expand network of contacts and dialogue and deepen their knowledge of foreign languages.
Erasmus Mundus – the EU educational program aimed at strengthening international cooperation and increased mobility among students, teachers, researchers at universities and higher education institutions from third countries in all the continents. Trying to turn the EU into a global leader in education and European universities – cell of knowledge and innovation centers, Erasmus Mundus program also aims to promote mutual understanding between people, intensification of intercultural dialogue.
The competition is announced annually on the official website of the Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture. Requirements for participation in all areas of the Erasmus Mundus program and project documentation was needed on the site

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