Double degree master program with Linnaeus University

In 2007 KNURE and Linnaeus University, Vaxjo, Sweden have signed an agreement of mutual cooperation. As part of this agreement between our universities is held a joint master’s program – Master Programme in specialties: Software Technology, Information Systems, Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering.
This joint program provides the opportunity for KNURE students to receive two master’s diploma: Ukrainian and European, as well as free education in one of the best universities in Sweden.
Every year professors from Linnaeus University come to KNURE to deliver a few lectures within each master program. All lectures are in English.
Defense of master’s thesis at Linnaeus University are in English. As part of the double degree master programs students have the opportunity to study at Linneaus University during one or two semesters.
Good skills in English are mandatory for all students who would like to study within this master programs. Over the past period, more than 30 students from different specialties from KNURE had the opportunity to participate in this program and received two master’s diploma.

Coordinator of double degree master program in KNURE:Chupryna Anastasiya, Ph.D., associate professor of Software Engineering Dept. of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics, e-mail:


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